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A comprehensive estate plan ensures the transfer of assets throughout major life events. 

Our practice serves those who value clarity, security, and efficiency. 

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Will Package

A will is the foundation document of an estate plan. Additional directive documents, including powers of attorney, allow you to clarify your wishes for your loved ones. Contact us today to discuss an estate planning package that will work for your needs.


A trust holds a class of assets for a specific purpose, keeping in mind not everyone will need a trust. We can help you assess your goals to determine whether a trust makes sense for you.


Probate is the process used to transfer a person's assets whether or not a will was in place. Our job is to represent you throughout the proceedings and advocate for your best interests. 

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About Hold Fast Legal LLC

Hold Fast Legal LLC is deeply rooted in compassion and empathy. Our approach prioritizes your personal story and circumstances, ensuring a custom fit estate plan. Our commitment to clarifying the legal process makes our service accessible to everyone. 

Estate Planning Legal Team

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Compassionate legal expertise.

John Ferguson

Attorney & Counselor at Law
Brings 25+ years of legal experience guiding clients through the estate planning process, litigation, and documentation.

Andi Pellicci

Managing Director
Manages operations and strategic planning with 25+ years of business administration experience and a Master of Science in Management candidate.

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